The Power of Asking What YOU Want-Power of Intention

We all have the capacity to fulfill our desires by setting an intention for what we want and then living our lives as though we had already achieved what we have asked for.  The power of setting an intention is undeniable because we set ourselves to succeed by using a compass instead of going on a journey without a roadmap. 

The following story is an excerpt from my upcoming book “The CODE- How to Unlock your Inner Genius for a life of Equanimity.” 

One evening during a recent trip to London, I was dining at a high-end restaurant where I met the restaurant manager, a young flamboyant man, Peter. Peter and I got to know each other through a mutual friend. We talked at length about our life journey and our common fascination with spirituality and how we manifest what we desire in life. He was in the process of opening his own gourmet restaurant. He said he was really excited “to finally realize his dream of opening his own restaurant.” Then he told me about his life’s journey and how he came to be where he is.

Peter grew up in a small city in England. Peter and his sister grew up in a single parent household with their mother. They lived a very difficult and challenging life. His mother was a waitress at a local restaurant and was the only one providing for the family.

When he was around 20, with no job, and no prospects, he decided to move to London. Not knowing where he should go, he decided if his main desire was to be successful then he needed to be surrounded by successful people. He said goodbye to his family and took the bus straight to Kensington where he thought accomplished and successful people live.

With his bag in his hand, he stopped at one of the better hotels to ask if they had a job opening. They said they had an opening for a server. They asked him whether he had previous experience in a restaurant? He said, “Of course.” even though he had never worked in that field before. He got the job. On his second day, he made many mistakes serving. His superior called him to his office and told him that it was evident that he did not have any experience serving in restaurants. He told his supervisor that it might appear that he had been dishonest, but in his mind, he did not lie. He told him that even though he might not have done the job before, in his mind he had always envisioned that one day he would own his own restaurant and that he had a great desire and passion to be in this industry. Impressed with his straightforwardness and his conviction, the supervisor trained him to be a server.

Twenty years later, his dream of opening a high-end restaurant and being accepted by high society was coming true.

If Peter had not had the desire for success and the courage to take action, he would not have manifested the outcome he had always envisioned. He imagined who he wanted to be and acted accordingly from the beginning.

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This article is written by Felora Ziari-Derakhshani. Felora is the author of “The CODE”, a personal transformational platform created to empower individuals to unlock their inner genius and achieve greater success. She is an international motivational speaker, author, and a consultant for cultivating leadership and maximizing human potential. With 30 years of corporate and non-profit experience, Felora offers her expertise to companies and individuals seeking optimal performance through a tangible system of exploration and discovery.  Felora is an electromechanical engineer graduated from Oxford, England.  She worked as an engineering manager for over 16 years in the nuclear industry before starting several ventures and women’s non-profit organizations.