The Power of Conscious Language

“To an unenlightened soul, harmful words are like letters carved in stone. As we progress, the words are written in sand. Still farther along, they are written with a stick in water. Finally, the words are written in the air.” Zen saying.

The language we use influences our thoughts and actions and has the potency to inspire or to harm.  It can build confidence or it can take away one’s dignity and self-esteem.

There are many reasons why we choose words to express our point of view or emotions. Sometimes we use words to:

  • Prove our worth
  • Express our passion
  • Establish our authority
  • Manipulate others to do what we want them to do
  • Win other people’s approval
  • Indirectly criticize someone with sarcasm.
  • Express envy, hurt or anger

Language is an important part of shaping our reality and reflects how we live our life.  The words we use not only evoke emotions of either joy or sadness in us, it also affects other people’s emotions.


Eloquent speech uses mindful or conscious words that are inspiring and uplifting.  It can touch our hearts and inspire us to transform ourselves.  The language of compassion, peacefulness, and encouragement can create powerful emotions that can result in positive actions, which help others to stand up for truth, love, and justice.

Following is an excerpt from my book “The CODE- How to Unlock your Inner Genius for a life of Equanimity” on using conscious language to achieve greater outcome:

“Conscious language is an aspect of mindfulness. Words can bring tears to someone’s eyes, sadden someone’s heart, or they can elevate, heal, empower and bring joy to hearts. Words leave impressions in the hearer that can have a long-term psychological impact. When we weave consciousness into the method, delivery, and content of our communications, we create an enriching experience for all involved. We are at peace and create peace through conscious communication.”

To execute our goals and vision into actionable plans, we need to elevate our communication patterns so that they are aligned with our inspired vision to create the desired outcome”.


Everything we do or say is charged with either high vibrational or low vibrational energy. Our words, just like our thoughts, are charged with either positive or negative energy and the result will be correlated with that charge.

Science has proven that positive words have the power to change our brain and promote the brain’s cognitive functioning. According to Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman, positive words such as “peace” and “love” activate the motivational centers of the brain and build resiliency. Negative words, increase the activity in the frontal lobes otherwise known as the fear center of the brain, which shuts down the logic and reasoning.

   Kind words evoke kindness in the heart.                                                                   Compassionate words create hope.                                                                            Insightful words encourage inspired deeds.

How we speak, whether we speak mindfully or not, impacts the perception of who we are in the listener’s mind.  Powerful positive words can replace negative, limiting words and elevate the impact of our communication. Here are some examples:

  • Eliminate negative words  (never, nobody, do not, cannot, etc.) and replace with positive and collaborative words   (, I do, I can, I will, I feel.)
  • Eliminate the “could of, should of, have to” and consider using, “I get to”, “I choose to”, etc.
  • Eliminate saying “I’ll try” and replace with “I will.” By saying, “I’ll try...,” you’re telling yourself that you are going to fail.
  • Drop the word “but” Which is a modifier and negates what you just said. For example, “He is a nice person, but...” Whenever “but” follows a compliment, the following remark is almost always negative.

Manly Hall, a Canadian born author and mystic, known for his 1928 work, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, said, “words work on three levels, those that evoke truth, evoke hope or evoke fear.”

By consciously choosing powerful and positive words and a high vibrational tone, we can change our attitude, our influence on the outcome and our experience. We can consciously choose to evoke truth and hope, and positively impact our own attitude as well as those of others.

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This article is written by Felora Ziari-Derakhshani. Felora is the author of “The CODE”, a personal transformational platform created to empower individuals to unlock their inner genius and achieve greater success. She is an international motivational speaker, author, and a consultant for cultivating leadership and maximizing human potential. With 30 years of corporate and non-profit experience, Felora offers her expertise to companies and individuals seeking optimal performance through a tangible system of exploration and discovery.  Felora is an electromechanical engineer graduated from Oxford, England.  She worked as an engineering manager for over 16 years in the nuclear industry before starting several ventures and women’s non-profit organizations.