Through her Crimson Global Academy, Felora Ziari has developed a series of three breakthrough programs that enable participants to pursue the personal transformation that will propel them to greatness. 


I-Mastery ProgramJourney of Breakthrough Transformation, 1 day Event

  • This program establishes the basics of self-mastery: expanding the mindset to overcome and embrace limitations, creating new possibilities, establishing clarity of vision, and living your joy.

  • This workshop can also be presented in a ½ day workshop format.

Launching Your Breakthrough Startup1/2 day overview or 2-days workshop

  • This workshop designed to enable participants to achieve entrepreneurial success. It discusses foundational principles including creating an extraordinary vision, defining breakthrough strategies, and creating an action plan to launch or transform your dream business.  

Breakthrough Momentum 2 Grow

  • Breakthrough Momentum 2 Grow is a six-month coaching program offering participants the opportunity to work with an executive coach for the purposes of personal development.
  • The program addresses foundational principles of personal empowerment and mentoring including establishing personal sustainability, defining long-term strategies, keeping momentum going, and learning to break through limitations as they present themselves.

You are encouraged to contact Felora Ziari to arrange a speaking engagement or breakthrough program. Everyone who attends will experience a life-changing presentation by one of the world's foremost thought leaders in personal empowerment and success.

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