Igniting Her Passion

 “I grew up in a small town in the Middle East where women lived on either side of a wall that separated the empowered from the powerless. Women on both sides of this virtual wall suffered from a duality of identity; that originated from lack of understanding, education and self confidence.”


As she recounts in her book Whispers From Above, Felora’s journey began through conversations with her grandfather during her childhood. Through his continual validation of the freedom of expression for all people, he challenged her to embrace the freedom to live fully, see fully, and feel fully as opposed to remaining confined by the duality of identity that so many women in the world struggled to overcome. 

With his belief in her, she set out to achieve her heart’s desires. Felora first became an engineer, a traditionally male role at the time, and worked in the private sector in the nuclear instrumentation and nuclear power industry. She soon realized, however, that this achievement did not accurately portrayed her passion and her true purpose in life.  Her true journey began as she strove to understand and advance the role of women in the world. She set out to discern how she could contribute to the world without the influences that hindered the generations who came before her. Remembering her dream as a teenager, she realized that her upmost dream was to live in a world that acknowledged a person's value as a human being—a value that was not based on gender or race. Stepping away from her career in engineering, Felora knew that her life's passion and mission was to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for a new generation of leaders.

At the heart of what drives Felora is her passion for successful women. Because of this drive, she has harnessed her experience to enable women from all over the world through her holistic approach to self-mastery and professional development. She's done this through the founding of multiple businesses and organizations geared towards transformative personal and professional developments for women entrepreneurs and leaders. Additionally, Felora also stays busy serving on multiple boards, spending time with her family, and encouraging other women in the community to break through the wall that separates them from their own selves.

She concludes in her book: 

“Women have always felt the contradictions of what it means to be a woman. Our beauty has been celebrated and at times has been a curse. Our intuitive hearts brought us joy but, at times, have been interpreted as flaws. We have not been given the opportunities to completely embrace the right to celebrate who we are. We have concealed our true identity behind the mask of convention.”

A woman of beauty, a woman of strength, a woman of inspiration. A woman turning visions into realities.