Ziari is passionate about Transformation!  She believes in the power of igniting “Passion for Creation”!  Through her motivational and empowerment presentations around the globe, she encourages women to transform their outlook and perception in order to tap into the power of their Passion and Create new Possibilities!   Her most appreciated keynote presentations and workshops are as follows:

  • The Influence of an Unconventional WomanZiari shares with her audience the methodology for self-expression by examining perception, environment and culture in order to be able to tap into their 'unique self' and thus authentically influence their reality free from the perceived convention.


  • Women in Leadership – Beyond CompetitionWe need a new model of leadership that places greater value on collaboration, celebration and contribution.  Women can benefit greatly by learning and implementing some key skills that will allow them to lead with emotional intelligence rather than ego.  Some of the skills include collaboration, compassion, and adopting the mindset for greatness.


  • Embrace New Possibilities – Discovering Your Unique SelfSelf-mastery is the foundation of self-discovery and achieving success. It enables women to create new possibilities by thinking outside the box and embracing their inner drive and desires.


  • The Gender StereotypesFelora helps her audience understand the influence of gender biases and stereotypes on personal growth and economic success, both internally and externally.


  • Secrets of Women Influencers –  Learn the secrets of women who are making a difference and are effective in achieving the result they are passionate about.   Influential women know how to lead from the heart, tap into their unique talent and strategically pursue their aspirations.  


  • Discovering Your Unique Self – Beyond Personal BrandPersonal branding generates a sustainable impact and influence.  Developing a personal brand utilizes a number of different factors including state of mind, the energy and power of communication, inner power and presence.


  • How Women Play the “Game of Winning” Personal success is largely based on being familiar with one's environment and commanding attention. This is something Ziari refers to as “playing the game of winning.” Women who do so successfully are able to scan the environment and command attention, using their unique attributes to open greater opportunities and achieve their goals.