The CODE-How to Unlock your Inner Genius for a life of Equanimity

Achieving Success Through the Six Pillars of Desire


The CODE is a personal development and leadership book.  This book distinguishes itself from others, providing an edge above others in the same class, by offering a holistic approach to different aspects of personal development. This book guide you to gain awareness of your innermost desires and create a life of non-resistance. The CODE supports your efforts to eliminate distractions, limitations, habits, and fears that have created anxieties and obstructed the awareness of your core desires.

CODE, as a system of transformation, creates clarity and optimization. It is defined by four elements: Cultivate, Observe, Develop, and Execute.

It is a valuable augmentation to the concept known as the Law of Attraction. The CODE leads us through a powerful process in which we uncover our innermost desires that can provide the volition to achieve our highest potential. 

"Felora Ziari offers a practical framework that draws on personal stories of connection and purpose as well as insights from science, religion, and literature to guide readers in shifting mindsets and changing habits to cultivate a sense of gratitude and abundance. This is an important book for anyone seeking to align their thoughts and actions with their true purpose."  Deirdre Mendez, Ph.D. author of The Culture Solution

Whispers from Above

The poems in this collection are magical songs, written from the heart, leading the reader on a journey of self-discovery, awe and faith.

"Whispers from Above is a waterfall of wisdom as the author ever so gently leads us to align with our own Source of truth. This is a first book and reads as though the author is sitting across the room from you. Through eloquent language, laced with simplicity, it unveils the author's grateful journey from trials to transformation. Her beautiful transparency and exposed vulnerability draw the reader more deeply inside with each turning page." -Ginger Blair, author of Knowing

“More than a book of poetry, more than a memoir, Whispers from Above is an exploration of the exigencies of women everywhere. From a mystical perspective it explores the restrictions that society places on women, the masks that they adopt to respond to those restrictions, and the spiritual growth that each woman must find in her own heart so that she can rise above the masks." -Ron Frazer, author

“The ache and joy of Spiritual wisdom cries and sings from Felora's true essence in Whispers from Above. Her poetry is lovingly and longingly a gift of Grace. Listen to her voice as she guides you to your own inner Truths.” Joyce Beck, Psychotherapist and Co-founder of the Crossings