Felora is an elegant, thoughtful and a highly competent professional. You can not help but respect her opinion and wisdom. I recommend Felora without any reservations whatsoever.
— Lynda Baker
Thru Felora I have learned that everything is a gift – and truly I mean everything.  It was quite a surprise, and that knowledge is very freeing. 
— Barbara
For years I have known that I was my own roadblock for moving forward – and although I put a lot of time and effort, reading many books, and talking talking talking about my issues, I was still in the way.  I thought someone else’s insights would be helpful - but I did not expect transformation.  Thankfully, transformation is what I experienced.
— T.D.
As for as personal development goes, Felora is unstoppable.  I meet with her regularly to grow my life – & she has opened my eyes to many possibilities.  With Felora’s help & insight, I have seen where I am holding myself back.  She is extremely empowering.
— Maureen
Things in my life came to a head and I needed some change.  However, I resisted the classical route, knowing it could take months or years.  Not so with Felora.  She cuts to the chase with her sweeping breadth of knowledge and understanding of the human mind and heart.
— C.P.
I had no idea that coaching could change my life so significantly.  It was worth every dime.
— Pam